generate group by email address

第二题是有这么一个class Contact,里面有一个String的name,和一个List
装着email address,是这个Contact有的address,用一个list装着是因为一个人有可
能有多个email,现在给你an array of Contact,比如
#1 Johny []
#2 Mary []
#3 Johnnathen []
#4 John [,,]
#5 Bob []
现在我们知道如果email address相同的话,那么就说明是同一个人,现在要做的是根
据这些email address,把同一个contact给group起来,生成一个List<List>

This is a classic disjoint set problem. Every user has a (unique) number, and a linked list of emails that associated with the number. We want to group all the contacts that shares same email addresses. (1, 3, and 4 is a group for example).

We can first create a map that maps each email address to a set of users. Then we iterate through the original array, and join those sets which shares same email address.
given an example, if we have
1 -> e1, e2.
2 -> e2, e3,
The hash map will be
e1 -> 1,
e2 -> 1, 2
e3 -> 2,

Then we go through the original list and join the sets under e1 and e2, then e2 and e3, so we will have set 1 and 2.

This can also be solved using a graph like algorithm. we look at the all the name and email addresses as nodes, and the relation ship between them as edges. We can simply form a graph and then run a breath first search and all the names in a connected components will be grouped in one group.


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